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Psychological selection of hotel personnel

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In sphere of tourism especially in the stage of growing hotel business human resources are becoming the basis of it. And the selection of personnel must be realizing by special professional approach. So, for this problem solving AYG Center For Psychological Services offering following services: more


Psycho-pedagogical Research Methods and Methodology

fotoContent Psycho pedagogical Research Methods and Methodology

• Psycho-pedagogical research methods and their using

• Methods (pictures, scan, analysis of data diaries and tests) more

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The Foundations of Psychonalysis


psychologist The Foundations of Psychonalysis

• The sources of psychoanalysis, their development and branches

• A person from the point of view of psychoanalysis, a person’s psychosexual development more

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Child Psychology and Lifespan Development

1317625533 fs214 Child Psychology and Lifespan Development

• A notion about the development

• The non coincidence between the age and mental development more

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Internet Counseling


1d646370fc15 Internet Counseling

It is impossible to imagine now day is life without internet. This is why The AYG Center for Psychological Services is giving opportunity to all individuals and institutions to get psychological counseling by internet. more

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Speech Therapy Consultation

91431986 Speech Therapy ConsultationSpeech therapy consultations offered for children and adults having different types of speech and reading and writing disorders. Consultations will be provided for parents and other family members as well. more

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Couples Counseling

Copy of 88994936 Couples CounselingCouples Counseling  is often called also marriage. It is a kind of family counseling. The difference is that the main objects of psychotherapeutic influence are broken relations between couples, mainly sex problems and sex dissatisfaction. more

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Group Counseling

Fotolia 3489567 S Group CounselingIt is a special type of counseling during which group dynamics is used. This means the whole complex of relationships between members of group in psychotherapeutic aims. Unlike the individual counseling group therapy is aspecial method of influence where main objects are members of group. more

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Child Counseling

Copy of 0 eab 2acd806d XL Child Counseling

This is an activity with its special psychological methods and techniques the aim of which is to solve and overcome different kinds of problems and to treat them. more

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Individual Counseling

130 Individual CounselingIndividual consultation is the most important and widespread type of psychotherapeutic influence. It is carried out by one, seldom by two psychologists (bipolar therapy) or psychotherapists. more

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